GCHS 1961

Class of 1961 Photo Album

Reunion Photos: 40th, and 45th

Here are our sophomore class photos from the '59 yearbook:
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Can you meet the Challenge?

Rick and Christie's pride and joy!
Flash Dance Stone!


Flash Dance is a Champ in 2002!

Rick, John, George, John
Lenny Garraffa
Here's Len Garraffa at graduation! Click here to see his family!
Larry Dugan
Click here to view Larry's nostalgic newspaper clippings!
Bob Laycock Bob will be at the reunion in October. Will you??

Bob Laycock's face is kinda blurry, but we know he's still as adorable as ever!
The horse is cute, too!

See photos of Georgetown, starring Bob, Judy Blackman Kigin and Rosemary Tennis. Click here.

Elaine Eaton

Elaine Eaton Criscione
and her family


Check out John Wolff's family page - click here

Drew Hult, sons Dave (holding grandson, Justin) and Chris, daughter Allison (on Drew's left), wife Marilyn and son's wives Chrissie and Sara.
Drew Hult
Judy Blackman
Meet Judy Blackman Kigin's clan! Click here!

Jane Sherritt


Linda and Jerry

Here's Jane Sherritt Blewitt's family:Husband Bill, Me, Son-in-law Jeff , Step-son Jon (14), Daughter Sarah (28), Step-son Justin (19)


Linda Norton Johnson's photos - click here!


Here's Kathy Denton!
Kathy and Sandy
Kathy Denton and Sandy Sattler have a post-reunion lunch at a neat restaurant named Rose's right on a lake in Grand Rapids, MI.

Here's a picture of Steve West and Caroline taken in Las Vegas where they were married. The picture was taken on March 29th 1996.
Steve and Caroline
Margaret, Stephanie and Rosie go to Washington!
See more photos.
Lunch at Leo's! See 'em all!
Nancy Hester Emrick's grandsons in 2003. Kyle on left will be 15 soon and Ryan is 12.
Bob, Tom and Penny in 2004.
Bob, Tom and newly-adopted Penny!
John Reilly
What has John Reilly
been up to (click to find out)
Mike says hi@
Click here for Mike Conover's 2006 photo array.

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